Digital Marketing for Sustainable Transport in Rural Swansea

Tourism Swansea Bay has partnered with BayTrans to deliver a step change in information and community involvement in the development of sustainable transport in rural Swansea. The project is part funded by the Swansea Rural Development Partnership and will bring renewed focus on the merits of public transport, cycling and walking for visitors to rural Swansea.

We would like information from tourism, leisure & hospitality businesses, particularly in the rural wards of Swansea, to include on, a website which will be renewed and updated as part of the project.

Our Vision – Rural Swansea will be a beacon for sustainable transport for visitors.

Our Objective To effect a step change in the numbers of visitors coming to rural Swansea without a car and an attractive proposition to the majority who come by car to travel around more sustainably whilst on holiday.

Your Engagement – A key reason for this project is not only to provide you with more and better information on sustainable transport but also to regularly engage with you on social media in a two way process.

Information we need from you

If you are a tourism, leisure or hostpitality business based in one of the 8 rural wards of Swansea then tell us:

    • Do you support any sustainable transport initiatives?
    • Is your business on or near a bus, cycling or walking route?
    • Do you offer any discounts or offers for bus / train ticket holders?
    • Do you provide electric charging points for hybrid/electric cars?
    • Are you walker/cyclist friendly? (e.g do you provide bike storage / wash facilities etc)
    • Any other information you think would be relvevant

If you are not within the 8 rural wards then we’d still like to hear from you as the new website will provide information for all of Swansea Bay & Neath Port Talbot as well.

How will it be delivered? Initially, a new website will be introduced which will be an update of the existing BayTrans website with expanded public transport information and new sections on cycling and links between these and walking and interactive information to aid travellers.

From this we will build links with you through social media; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other appropriate methods.

During the life of this project and beyond, we expect to have built a collective two-way involvement of the visitor market and sustainable travel on a continuous basis.

Other benefits We will create a virtuous circle where by improvements can be achieved in public transport provision, development of cycle routes and better information for walkers in relation to sustainable travel means.

Ongoing Communication We will keep you updated with development of the project from time to time.

In the meantime, we have set up social media accounts so please follow us on twitter, facebook and Instagram via the links below in readiness for updates starting July / August 2018 with useful information to share out to your visitors:


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