Dabbawalas Mumbles

Dabbawalas Mumbles

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The dabbawalas (also spelled dabbawallas or dabbawallahs, called tiffin wallahs in older sources) constitute food delivery and return system that delivers food from homes and restaurants to people at work in India, especially in Mumbai.

With busy work schedule, we strongly believe one should not give up on quality of Food. Hence we bring you Dabbawalas Mumbles- A different approach to Indian home dining. 

Our meals are freshly prepared on daily basis and blast chilled. Our recipe ensures that every meal retains its flavour, texture and nutritions without use of any preservatives. All you have to do is simply microwave or oven the meals as per instructions, sit back and enjoy the flavours of freshly made meals.

In addition to providing you with the finest meals We have also taken care of our environment on your behalf too.

Low carbon footprints: All our meat is locally sourced and is of finest quality. We are proud to have partnered with Howells Butchers based in Penclawdd to source 100% Welsh Lamb and Free Range Chicken. Our fruit & Vegetables are sourced from F Ley & Sons, who have served Swansea community for over 100 years. 

Compostable Packaging: All our packaging is made from plant base. They are oven, freezer and microwave proof friendly. Simply put them along with food waste when the job is done. They take approximate 12 weeks to convert back to compost. 

And finally we have ensured, that most of our meals retain the nutritions. 

We hope you enjoy our home dining experience at your convenience with our Freshly prepared Heat ‘n’ Eat Meals or come along Grab'n'Go.

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