Crescent Financial

Every individual client and business is unique and so we pride ourselves on taking the time to understand our clients and tailoring our approach, as well as financial, investment and service solutions to match their needs and wants.

Telephone: 01792 473347


Email: [email protected]

Some facts about Crescent Financial

    • Our office is in Swansea near the City centre


    • We have fully dedicated and highly qualified advisors supported by technical and service staff.


    • Managing over £25m of client’s investments with a clear and tightly managed investment philosophy and process.


    • Fully committed to providing you with the most suitable possible advice and support.


    • Our most important role is the time taken to truly understand our clients and their financial needs and goals.


Who we best serve

    • Those who have little time and/or inclination to manage their financial affairs.


    • Those who are seeking expert financial advice and/or investment management.


    • Those who want to help formulate and maintain a clear financial plan and strategy to make the most of their hard earned money.


    • Those who need a sounding board, a discipline to look at their finances from time to time.


    • Those seeking a sense of control, peace of mind and financial freedom.


    • Those to whom service and a trusted relationship is key.
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