Gower Ambassadors Programme Expanded

Great news for Tourism Swansea Bay (TSB)

We’ve been successful in gaining additional funding from the Swansea Rural Development Partnership (RDP) to further develop the Gower Ambassador programme.

TSB took on the project of coordinating the Gower Ambassadors in July 2018. Since then the programme has grown from strength to strength and is continuing to evolve and recruiting more ambassadors.

TSB Chairman Stephen Crocker explains “This new initiative will see the creation of an advanced online learning system designed to train people to be tourism ambassadors. We’ll have online modules offered via a Learning Management System, providing an in-depth knowledge of Gower. This online training will be complemented with familiarisation visits to places of interest.”

Through the programme event organisers and local tourism operators now have access to professionally trained ambassadors to enhance the visitor experience and support events. Through ambassadors, visitors will have access to information about the heritage and landscape of Gower during visits, particularly information, stories, advice, and recommendations that might otherwise be difficult to find.

Ambassadors can gain an additional certification for each specialist course they choose to do. This will include:

Disabled Friendly
Young Ambassadors
Dog Friendly Ambassadors
History & Heritage
Nature wildlife and the environment
Dark Sky Ambassadors
Sustainable Travel Ambassadors
One planet issues

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