Rhossili Gift Shop


Rhossili Gift Shop, OS Maps, Beach goods, Gower Kite shop, Toys, groceries

Telephone: 01792 390 593

Website: www.pittoncross.co.uk/gower-camp-site/rhossili-gift-shop

Email: [email protected]

We have a range of bespoke gift ideas to remember you trip to Rhossili, Gower.


Dragons to remember your walk to Worms Head in Rhossili


Edgar Evans (who went to the Antartic with Scott) fridge magnets


Collectable Teaspoons of Rhossili


Pewter Thimbles


A range of travel cups and much more...


Find us in the Shop at Pitton Cross Caravan Park, Rhossili, Swansea. SA3 1PT


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