Walks in Gower

Looking to explore Gower but don't know where to start? Let us help

Gower is home to multiple breath-taking walks, some well-known, and some waiting to be discovered. We have created a list of our personal favourites. We have included the well-known ones, but also tried to add some lesser-known gems.

Three Cliffs Bay

 Three Cliffs Bay is definitely up there as one of the most famous walks in Gower, and for good reason. It is simply beautiful. Home to Pennard Castle, The twisting Pennard Pill Stream and the Three Cliffs Beach itself.

 To get there you have a few options in terms of parking, the closest being The Gower Heritage Centre, The Gower heritage Centre can provide you with a map that will guide you. From the car park there the walk takes around 15-30 minutes depends on weather conditions etc…

 If you were to go from the Pennard side then can park (or just start your walk) from Park Road in Pennard. From which you head onto the Golf Course and follow the main path. This path will lead you to Pennard Caste where you will be able to look down into the Valley that is Three Cliffs Bay, and then you can also proceed to walk down into the valley itself.

Rhossili/ Worms Head

Rhossili, home to Worms Head, is located at the very bottom end of Gower and is worth every minute of the journey there. To get there, simply follow the main road into Gower (Following road signs labelled Port Eynon) until you get the Village called Scurlage in which you will turn right towards the local Premier and continue down that road for around 5-10 mins before reaching Rhossili.

 Once in Rhossili there are a handful of shops, a cafes and a hotel/ bar that you can enjoy. There is a beach which you can walk down to or you can go across the cliffs.

Mill Wood

Mill Wood is located by the Penrice Estate (near Oxwich). Mill Wood is a hidden gem in Gower, it’s rich with history. There a remains there of a Mill and Fish Pond which once would be the primary source of ingredients for the Penrice Castle kitchen. 

To get there, you take the directions you would normally take to go to Oxwich (following the main road into Gower), and when you get to the turning for Oxwich you will see a gated entrance with a castle tower, carry on friving until you get to the next left, take that next left (you will have fields on your left and some cottages on your right) follow that narrow road down and you will get to the parking area for the woods.

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