Lovespoon Gallery


Welsh Lovespoon Gallery and shop in Mumbles, Swansea, South Wales.

Telephone: 01792 360132


Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, 10.30 to 5.00pm

We are the only dedicated art gallery for hand carved Welsh Love Spoons in the World. The Lovespoon Gallery in Mumbles, Swansea opened in 1987, the first to have only genuine hand carved Welsh Love Spoons available for the public and collectors. It is still the only place of its kind.

The Lovespoon Gallery has the largest selection of genuine hand carved Welsh Love Spoons available anywhere. Over 300 unique designs, hand carved by the top individual lovespoon artist/carvers in Wales.

We have the experience and research knowledge required to be the leading centre for the sale of Welsh Love Spoons. This experience has been used to put together the Collections on the website. Each Collection showing a different artistic style, giving the customer choice to suit their own personal preference.

We want to show why this wonderful Welsh artform has been so appreciated for centuries. The Lovespoon Gallery has been a Wales Tourist Board Attraction since opening in 1987.

The Lovespoon Gallery is used by the finest carvers. Some just bring in their work once or twice a year (or less), but have exquisite pieces. Some carve full time maybe for a while. A few are professional artist/carvers and use The Lovespoon Gallery as their main outlet and contact with the public. These fine carvers are the artists who make The Lovespoon Gallery in Mumbles unique. * There is nowhere else that has, exclusively, the work from genuine individual love spoon carvers.

This commitment to quality has given us an unrivalled reputation for the presentation and sale of Welsh Lovespoons.

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